Application Guidelines

The event is carried out with sufficient attention given to safety, and the member of society and students can take part in this event to challenge their benefit of


This is an event for people who enjoy the martial arts as a hobby.


I’m not professional, but I want to have a match 

I want to have a match at my level and safely

I want to try a match with the face attack.


If you want to try a match described above, we hope that you will be joining us.

The martial arts are painful sports.  If you get to know the pain of sports, you can build endurance and our inner strength.  All of the staff endeavors to run the event without accident.  We would like to ask everyone of each gym representative and media to cooperate and understand the main point for this event.


Date: 24 Mar. 2019(Sun) Admission-free

All ClassesWeigh-in 0945  Start  1030


LocationNavel Kadena 3F

  904-0205   372-2 KanekuKadena-cho, 


TargetHealthy man and woman who are training martial arts.  (Kickboxing/Karate/Kenpo/etc.)

ClassElementary School Class /Junior High School Class /Ladies Class /Adult Class

Participation FeeElementary & Junior high School student / Ladies 3.000

                 Adult Class 4.000

              Includes Winner’s medal/Effort prize/Insurance



The insurance coverage are only fatal accident, serious injuries and crippling accident.

The cancellation after the match-up, we do not refund the participation fee.



Application Due date: 25 Feb. 2019(Mon.)

Okinawa-ken Kickboxing Association Office 

POCMAKI GYM TEL098-874-5794  

            FAX 098-874-5795